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Consulting & Advisory

Provide strategy and guidance when evaluating Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems and making decision on best security option for your business and customers

System Implementation

Deploy and manage user lifecycle management systems, which includes provisioning and de-provisioning services for digital assets for employees, partners and customers

API Management

Plan, deploy and manage API gateway including API security, SaaS integration, microservices and data integration with expertise from experienced development team

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Be your solution provider for implementing and managing Identity Provider and Password Management systems

Single Sign-On

Multi-Factor Authentication

Lifecycle Management

B2B Integration

Case Studies

Of Calvus Labs Team

An experienced team of developers and program managers will drive projects to fully meet all customer goals across a range of software implementation offerings
Custom Security Log-In

Implemented custom SSO solution allowing authenticated users to access restricted areas of internal portals and sensitive enterprise and customer data

Migration from Internal Systems

Exported all business users from internal, on-premises system to cloud-based active directory and Identity and Access Management (IAM) application

Multifactor Authorization Design

Created custom two-factor authorization system for internal users and customers, built around industry-specific security requirements and custom business workflows

API Integration & Management

Connected via API with all transportation providers for Fortune 10 pharmaceutical distributor to track location and delivery for full daily volume of medical deliveries (100K + daily orders) to nationwide customer network